My website and podcasts are designed to give you hope as you ponder and live in the present and also look forward to the joy you will experience in the future. My clear intent is to share stories of places I’ve traveled in the past 30+ years. My experience of traveling has been adventurous, exciting, and challenging. My purpose is to share how travel can positively change your life.

Travel opens your mind and daily life to many new experiences. In 1987, when I started traveling as a Tour Director with groups of 40+ people, my life’s purpose began to shift. My daughter Robin was immensely supportive as she took over many household responsibilities so I could travel. In the past, Robin keeps pushing me forward. On Christmas 2019, she gave me the equipment necessary to produce a podcast. Robin’s husband Russell, designed and created this website.

I continually desire to share the beauty of God’s hand in nature. I have awesome memories of standing in absolute awe at the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the beauty of the vastness of Denali National Park, the beauty of Lake Louise plus numerous other National Parks.

I would also like to share the talents of phenomenal people who built attractions that enhance and inspire the lives of many.

As I’ve enjoyed these attractions in the past 30 years, I ask myself, what did it take for someone to create, build, and maintain this attraction? Most definitely, it was a strong sense of purpose, and many, many hours of disciplined work. During the process of my 30-year traveling career, I did earn my Ph.D. Poor, hungry, and driven. Once I began traveling, I wanted to see more, understand more, experience more, and always keep moving forward.

I hope you will join me on this next journey and listen to my podcast and be inspired to make travel plans for the present and the future.